Sulbutiamine Review: Get a Boost With a Proper Sulbutiamine Dosage

Review Of Sulbutiamine: Benefits,Side Effects and Proper Dosage

The present-day competitive world makes it mandatory for people involved in brainy pursuits like academics, research work, aggressive sales, technology, etc. to turn to memory-enhancing nootropics.

​These substances can consistently boost their mental stamina, memory recall, and overall mood. That’s where a synthetic chemical like Sulbutiamine comes into the picture.


Review of Sulbutiamine

Let’s carry out a detailed Sulbutiamine review and understand if it really delivers that kind of brain altering and stimulating effect.

What is Sulbutiamine?

Sulbutiamine is a chemical that’s a synthetic derivative of thiamine or vitamin B1 and is often used by people for its nootropic properties.

What makes it so special is that not only can it help in memory enhancement and focus improvement, it can also supercharge the motivation level and mood of the user.

This chemical was discovered for the first time by the Japanese during the 1930s.

The primary reason for its development was to use it as a possible treatment alternative for vitamin B1 or thiamine deficiency in the body, something that was commonly seen in the Asian countries back in those times.

Chronic lack of vitamin B1 in the body can lead to acute problems like shortened attention span, reduced alertness levels, memory loss and in some cases even depression.

The depression resulting from such deficiency can further worsen the health conditions associated with the lack of exercise and energy.

The scientific community has seen a renewed interest in Sulbutiamine’s properties in the recent times owing to its potential use as a performance-enhancing compound.

Apart from that, it can also be utilized in the treatment of diabetic nerve pain and Alzheimer’s disease.

The proponents of this substance firmly believe that its regular use can lead to the improvement in people’s cognitive abilities.

They often stress upon its nootropic effects, including mood enhancement, memory boost and improvement of other cognitive processes, simultaneously helping in the alleviation of fatigue levels, simultaneously delivering a noticeable energy rush.

Sulbutiamine normally comes in the form of powder or capsules of different strengths.

However, in most cases, it is consumed as a Sulbutiamine Stack, rather than a sole supplement.

However, it can deliver its positive effects even when used independently.

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Sulbutiamine Benefits and Effects:

A large majority of Sulbutiamine benefits are to do with people’s cognition abilities.

As it stimulates certain activities inside the brain, it functions as a potent brain booster.

Some of its major benefits are as follows:

1. Mood Enhancement:

Considered the USP of Sulbutiamine, it’s mood enhancement properties have made it a chemical that’s regularly distributed among the party-goers and club-hoppers, in the form of a mood enhancement drug.

There are several anecdotal reports of people consuming Sulbutiamine to overcome depression and other prominent symptoms of low life states.

It is particularly effective in combating anxiety-related symptoms in users.

People who’re regular with their daily Sulbutiamine intake report significantly reduced levels of nervousness and anxiety, especially in social surroundings they might have dreaded earlier.

Enhance mood using Sulbutiamine

Some studies have shown that taking Sulbutiamine on a daily basis for 4 weeks can improve a particular aspect of depression referred to as psycho-behavioral inhibition.

The anecdotal evidence related to its workings is vast, and you don’t have to look very far to find stories of people have improved their confidence and mood levels by using it on a regular basis.

Why or how that happens, is something that can be studied more deeply.

However, it has been found that majority of its benefits in this regard are because of its ability to stimulate the dopamine levels in the brain.

2. Boost in Memory and Cognitive Abilities:

The second reason why Sulbutiamine appeals to a large number of people is because of its cognitive enhancement abilities.

It’s been observed that regular intake of this chemical can improve your thinking ability and retention power. 

A particular study has revealed that Sulbutiamine has the ability to enhance the formation of long-term memory.

This study was carried out on a group of mice that were subjected to Sulbutiamine supplementation for a 10-day period.

It was found that the subjects showed considerable improvement in certain tasks, they had some previous familiarity with.

Their functioning was then compared to the control test subjects that weren’t given Sulbutiamine dosages.

Scientists have found that Sulbutiamine’s beneficial effects are primarily because of the enhancing impact it has on the brain’s neurons, specifically with regard to their basic communication and transmission abilities.

This enhancement is brought about by Sulbutiamine effect on the substances that control such critical brain activities, including acetylcholine, dopamine, and glutamate.

3. Fighting Fatigue:

Sulbutiamine can help fighting fatigue

Another significant positive impact of Sulbutiamine supplementation is that it helps you fight fatigue, providing you with an energy boost at a time when you might feel you’re not left with any.

This is particularly expressed by people who use Sulbutiamine on a regular basis. It is also partially backed up by scientific data.

Such effect is again because of Sulbutiamine’s impact on the dopamine levels in the brain.

Plenty of medical and scientific research is already happening in this regard. 

The report suggests that Sulbutiamine stimulates user’s ability to comprehend and react to events happening around him/her in a productive manner.

This is the precise reason why a large number of Sulbutiamine users report it to be an excellent aid for their studies.

How Does it Work?

Although researchers don’t know about every possible benefit of Sulbutiamine consumption, they are definitely well aware of its workings.

Once ingested, it doesn’t take much time for it to enter the bloodstream, and quickly pass the blood-brain barrier too.

Sulbutiamine has been categorized as a synthetic and potent version of thiamine, as it effectively emulates the many positive effects related to vitamin B1 consumption.

Apart from significantly increasing the thiamine levels in the body, it improves the dopamine levels too.

More amounts of dopamine in the human brain automatically improve the user’s mood and relieves him/her of any feelings of inhibitions, shyness or anxiety.

One of the main reasons why people opt for Sulbutiamine supplementation over thiamine is because the former is much quicker when it comes to crossing the blood-brain barrier, delivering better results in quicker time.

How Sulbutiamine works

Once it crosses the blood-brain barrier, it immediately impacts the dopamine, glutamatergic and cholinergic receptors in the brain, all of which have a major influence on aspects like mood, memory, and concentration.

As Sulbutiamine is highly fat-soluble, it doesn’t take much time to get circulated widely throughout the body and brain, delivering its results fairly quickly.

People who use Sulbutiamine, experience its results within an hour of its ingestion, and these may last for many hours.

However, using it regularly on a daily basis, over a period of time, can make the user develop a certain degree of tolerance towards it. 

Such tolerance can be normally reset by pausing Sulbutiamine usage for a few weeks.

Sulbutiamine Side Effects:

The major reason why Sulbutiamine is used extensively by people because of its lack of any major harmful side effects.

The only significant side effect you may experience because of its consumption is an increase in your irritability and anxiety levels.

Apart from that, there have been some reports of nausea, but they are too few to be even considered.

Please note, the intensity of these side effects can be much bigger if you indulge in large Sulbutiamine dosages.

Consuming large doses of this supplement can also lead to the development of a fair degree of tolerance for it.

Such increased tolerance may force the users to consume higher dosages, in an effort to experience its benefits, often leading to negative side effects.

It’s for this reason that people who have developed a tolerance for Sulbutiamine are advised to stop its consumption for some time.

On the whole, it is recommended that you must take a qualified doctor into confidence, before starting Sulbutiamine usage.

Pregnant and nursing mothers should also stay away from its regular consumption.

Sulbutiamine Dosage:

It’s nearly impossible to provide a generic and precise Sulbutiamine dosage for everyone.

No matter how little or how much of Sulbutiamine you ingest regularly, you must know that it’s positive results depend on several different factors.

Recommended Sulbutiamine dosage

These factors may range from your basal metabolic rate, your natural biochemistry, your overall health to your body’s general tolerance levels towards prescribed medications.

Apart from that, any other supplements you may be consuming at that particular time may have a negative or positive effect on the Sulbutiamine’s effectiveness.

As also emphasized earlier, you must always consult a qualified doctor before starting any Sulbutiamine dosage, to determine whether it’s even right for you or not.

In general, an average recommended Sulbutiamine dosage may vary from 400 mg to 800 mg per day, without any repetition inside a 24-hour period.

Once you’ve figured the right Sulbutiamine dosage for your needs, you can start its regular consumption without any hesitation.

Regardless of whether you consume Sulbutiamine in a pill form or just like that (in powdered form), you must keep in mind that it’s not water soluble, but fat-soluble in nature.

It implies that even though it might work immediately if you consume it with some liquid, you can’t mix it with your regular juices (like orange, apple, cranberry and so on) which are normally used for consuming other health supplements.

Instead, you must consume it with some fat source like milk or oil.

Last but not the least, it’s important to keep in mind that Sulbutiamine tolerance can develop fairly quickly, and you should know that it’s happening if its positive effects start diminishing after about a week’s usage.

That’s precisely the reason that experts suggest that you either use it only on the days that you are in desperate need of some extra boost, or cycle its supplementation after some time.

Sulbutiamine Stack:

If you’ve read until this point, you might be wondering which all supplements can you stack Sulbutiamine with, to experience its most optimum effects.

Unlike many other supplements, Sulbutiamine works best as a part of some stack, rather than a solo supplement.

Majority of these stacks can benefit from the fatigue-fighting and mood enhancement properties of Sulbutiamine.

While many people choose to stack it with the good old caffeine, others love combining it with a wide range of nootropics.

Many suggest stacking Sulbutiamine with different racetams, aniracetam in particular, as it improves the cognition ability of the user, while simultaneously delivering an antianxiety effect.

You can also try stack it with similar compounds like Noopept, to get an even better boost.

Let’s take you through a couple of well-known ways in which you can create a Sulbutiamine stack.

1. Sulbutiamine Stack with Choline and Huperzine A:

Sulbutiamine stack fo focus and memory

This is basically a starter Sulbutiamine stack whose mileage may vary from user to user.

As evident from its name, it consists of Huperzine A, Sulbutiamine and some efficient source of choline (for instance Alpha GPC).

You can create this Sulbutiamine Stack by combining 300 mg of Alpha GPC, 200 mcg of Huperzine A and 200 mg of Sulbutiamine.

The ideal recommended dosage is once or twice per day.

Derived from a commonly known herb called Irish moss, Huperzine A is an effective supplement that delivers its results by slowing down acetylcholine’s decomposition in the body.

Huperzine A plays an instrumental role in enhancing the concentration and focus of users by maintaining optimum levels of acetylcholine in the body.

On the other hand, choline delivers its results by efficiently complementing Sulbutiamine and Huperzine A, to ensure better concentration levels and increased memory power.

Alpha GPC is by far the best choline supplement if we talk about the pure concentrated form of choline. It consists of 40% choline by weight.

People who wish to use this supplement specifically for augmenting their motivation levels, while gaining some relief from anxiety, can even opt for citicoline, owing to its impact on the brain’s dopamine receptors.

2. Sulbutiamine Stack with Aniracetam and Choline:

This is another potent Sulbutiamine Stack that’s created by combining Sulbutiamine with a racetam.

As also mentioned earlier, people often prefer stacking it with aniracetam because of its similar effects on the mood and cognition levels of the user.

You can create this Sulbutiamine Stack by combining 300 mg of Alpha GPC, 800 mg of aniracetam and 400 mg of Sulbutiamine.

Where Can You Buy Sulbutiamine?

Purchase original Sulbutiamine supplement

While you can have Sulbutiamine in both powdered and capsule form, depending on your budget and personal preference, it is advisable to have it as capsules, as they are comparatively more convenient.

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Final Word:

As has been detailed in the above Sulbutiamine review and demonstrated through several scientific studies, Sulbutiamine is indeed a proactive and important supplement that is rapidly gaining popularity among the masses.

A large number of nootropic-users world-over actively stack Sulbutiamine with various substances and swear by its positive results.