Piracetol Review: Is It Worth Trying As A Piracetam Alternative?

Should You Try Piracetol As A Piracetam Alternative? Proper Dosage And Benefits

Piracetol is a natural nootropic supplement that consists of different brain-boosting ingredients.

It is one of the nootropic supplements that alternate the effect of Piracetam.

This product is no longer available. 

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Reviewing Piracetol

If you haven’t heard of Piracetam, it is a potent and popular cognitive enhancement drug.

In this article, we’ll be doing a detailed Piracetol review. Here you’ll discover everything you should know about this Piracetam alternative. 

Do you find it difficult to focus and concentrate? Do you forget things easily (Poor memory)? Is it hard for you to learn and understand things?

Do you answer “yes” to any of this question? Then you may be suffering from symptoms of a retarded cognitive function.

Generally, these symptoms are linked to how the brain functions.

There are different factors that impact the rightful functioning of the brain. Stress is a huge part of them.

However, you can solve this problem with nootropics. This is because nootropics boost the brain’s cognitive abilities.

Why is Piracetol Better than Piracetam?

There are various nootropics available on the market today. But do you know that most of them can pose harmful effect to the body?

This is why you should go for the right supplement. I mean one that contains natural ingredient like the Piracetol.

Neuroscientists develop Piracetol to be everything you want in a supplement.

Work professionals, college students, and athletes use it to enhance their mental attentiveness and overall performance.

It contains natural supplement that combines important mental builders.

An example is the minerals, Vitamins, and amino acids. One of the reasons Piracetol is better than Piracetam is that it has no harmful side effect.

Piracetol is designed to enhance the brain function. With this, you could execute even the most challenging task.

This was possible with the creation of an entirely natural formula. They are also scientifically proved for perfection. The neuroscientist-created supplement is non-GMO, gluten-free, and has no caffeine.

The resulting end is a strong but cool brain-enhancer supplement.

Weightlifters, bodybuilders, and athletics can use the positive effect of this Piracetam alternative. It can boost focus, stamina, and the mental state which enhance athletic performance.

Piracetol will not build your muscle. It will intensify your athletics abilities and help you achieve your goals. It does this on time.

Does It Work?

Most people believe that Nootropics are drugs used by healthy but desperate individuals. They believe it’s only for those who want the extra edge. That’s not the case.

Nootropics have treated different medical conditions. They include Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and ADHD.

They primarily improve cognitive and motor functions. Also, students use them to enhance their performance during competitions. 

The incredible formula of Piracetol is made using all-natural quality ingredients. These ingredients have been proved to boost mental health.

Piracetol is different from other nootropics. It contains the right mix of natural herbs.

It doesn’t include any synthetic chemical compound. It works in the same way like Piracetam. The only difference is that it comes with no adverse side effect. 

Piracetol acts by enhancing nerve growth. It increases the neurotransmitters level and repairs any form of a damaged cell.

Piracetol is a quick-effective pill. This means that you’ll start noticing the effects within 30 minutes of use. 

Fortunately, manufacturers of Piracetol did not include caffeine in this Piracetam alternative. Why? Because it comes with dreadful side effects such as nausea, and increased rate of heartbeat.

Piracetol Benefits: How Its Ingredients Work

Ingredient used in Piracetol

Piracetol’s formula contains different varieties of professionally selected ingredients. These ingredients enhance the proper functioning of the brain.

They are formulated to:

  • Enhance focus, concentration, and alertness
  • Boost learning ability
  • Increase long-term memory
  • Improve communication skills
  • Boost the ability to multi-task
  • Enhance mental energy (reduces fatigue)

Manufacturers listed out all the ingredients of this product on their site.

They also added links to reliable facts that proved their claims.

Below is the list of the ingredients of Piracetol:

Cat’s Claw:

This is the powerhouse of antioxidants. They help to repair the DNA cells that were damaged by stress.

It quickly repairs the damaged cell and enhances the cognitive functions abilities. According to a recent study, Cat's Claw can cure Parkinson's disease.

Alpha GPC:

Alpha GPC is the main ingredient of Piracetol. It increases the level of a neurotransmitter known as Acetylcholine.

Neurotransmitters convey chemical messages within the cells of the brain. Alpha GPC has been able to cure Dementia and Alzheimer's in clinical trials.

L-Theanine & L-Tyrosine:

These duos are Amino acids that build the mental functioning of the brain. L-Theanine relieves and relaxes your brain from mental stress.

It also enhances your brain's attentiveness. L-Tyrosine also does the same. It enhances cognitive control.


It is usually known as Avena Sativa. Ancient residence uses Oat Straw as an incredible brain booster.

It goes into the brain cell to boost the Alpha-2-waves located in the brain. It also helps to control inflammation found in the artery.


Bacopa is a herb that contains a compound known as bacosides. This compound helps to promote the growth of new nerve and repair damaged neurons.

Huperzine A:

Scientist extracts this ingredient from a moss plant in China. Huperzine boost Acetylcholine level to increase mental clarity, focus, and alertness.

Who Should Use Piracetol?

Athletes running

As said earlier, anyone can be a benefactor to this “good smart pill.” Need a faster memory, or a sharper focus? How about enhancing your multitasking or critical thinking ability?

Below are examples of the category of people that should use this:

Students – Tests, exams, course works…these guys are pressured to perform. Trust me they feel burned out. Piracetol works for you and makes you excel in academia.

Professionals – Sure, performance, pressure and more extended work hours can really muddle the brain. The cups of coffee and no sleep aren’t going to perform any wonders.

Piracetol has helped professionals get their job done professionally….and in no time.

Athletes – The gym, athletics, and sports….all these are mental and physical games.

Your mind can be the inspiration or the limitation. Certain natural compounds connect the mind and muscle. Alpha-GPC, the key ingredient takes over here.

Scientists – It works for scientists especially those who love supplements. They have knowledge of the clinical trials. They can identify a good supplement when they see one. 

Life-hackers and Bio-hackers – Those who know “life’s onions." People who understand how to get ahead in life. For years, these categories of individuals have been using these ingredients. Now there are ready-made nootropics available to them.

Are There Side Effects?

Piracetol does not contain any human-made chemical ingredient. So, it is uncommon to have any adverse side effect. But, remember Piracetol acts a stimulant. 

I’ll recommend that you don’t combine any other stimulant with it. Doing this may strike up a regressive response to the body.

Though, response to supplement varies from individual to individual. 

Also, I’ll advise you to speak with your doctor before you take this pill. More importantly, if you have a history of medical health condition.

Proper Dosage:

Piracetol is not a prescription drug, so it does not come with a fixed dosage.

However, I’ll advise you to take 2 pills in the morning, preferably after breakfast. 

After 2 to 3 weeks, you can increase your normal dosage to 3 pills in a day.

Don’t go more than 3; it can pose a side effect. A typical bottle contains 60 capsules. I think that should last you for a month.

It is a fast-action pill for the brain. So you won’t wait for 30-45 minutes after use before you start noticing its effect.

However, please note that the effect will fade away after 8-10 hours. Want to maintain the enhanced cognitive health? Take the pills every day.

Also, you should remember that scientists categorize nootropics as “smart drugs”. They are different from our normal supplements of protein or vitamin.

Unlike other supplements that act only on the body, nootropics act on the body and mind.

Nootropics have been widely known for many years. I think this is a sure sign that it is really working.

Nootropics like Aniracetam, PhenylPiracetam, and Amphetamine are popular and widely used. 

Unfortunately, they could pose a serious health problem. On the other hand, Piracetol uses herbs to remove every potential risk.

Another downside of most nootropics is that they often become addictive over time.

Caffeine and nicotine are most times, included in nootropics. Of course, you know how Caffeine and Nicotine can be addictive. 

However, Piracetol does not include these ingredients so no chance of addiction. You’re free to use Piracetol as long as you wish.

Where Can You Get Piracetol?

Get Piracetol with best price

You can buy Piracetol only through their official website. For now, you will not find it on E-bay, Amazon or other online stores.

At this moment, Piracetol offer three different packages for purchase, they include:

Package 1- This option is available for first-timers who want to test this pill before making a bulk purchase.

It has a single Bottle, and they contain 60 capsules that could last you up to a month. 

Package 2- This option is a bulk offer. Buy two bottles of Piracetol and get 1 bottle for free.

Package 3 - This offer is a mega package for happy customers who are satisfied with the results.

Buy 3 bottles of Piracetol and get 3 bottles for free.

This option is very economical for regular users. You can visit the official site of Piracetol. They always have a limited offer.

It happens; you’re not satisfied with what you’re getting! That’s fine; you have a maximum of 60 days to request a refund.

You’ll need to contact the service team so you could return the bottles and receive your refund. This is inclusive of shipping and handling.


There are different factors that impact the rightful functioning of the brain. Stress is a huge part of them. However, you can solve this problem with nootropics.

Piracetol is one of the best supplements on the market today. It helps to boost overall mental health.

It justifies its reputation as a top quality cognitive booster and a Piracetam alternative.

It promotes the brain cells, improves cognitive functioning, and enhances memory and concentration.

Since it works as a brain stimulant, Piracetol acts on the mind to improve overall well being.

The price is also fair and affordable compared to other expensive Nootropic pills.

Though Piracetol will not build your muscle, it will intensify your athletics abilities and help you achieve your goals in a timely manner.

Most people believe that Nootropics are drugs used by healthy but desperate individuals who want the extra edge. But you see that it's not true.  

If you’re searching for the best way to improve your performance, both physically and mentally, this Piracetam alternative is something you should try.