Piracetam Effects: The Benefits You Can Expect With Proper Dosage

Piracetam Review – A Detailed Insight Into The Piracetam Benefits And Effects

Imagine yourself deeply engrossed in a complex yet fulfilling project. You’re experiencing that continually tingling sensation in your brain, with loads of creativity oozing out!


Piracetam review and effects

All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. You can quickly recall every factor in the equation that’s needed. Seems like a magical trip; a result of some magic pill?

That’s exactly how everyone refers to the Piracetam effect as! However, what’s the reality? Let’s find out.

Piracetam was developed during the 1960s in Belgium. It’s a synthetic derivative of GABA (an important neurotransmitter) and is perceived as the grandfather of all nootropics in the marketplace.

Ever since its development, Piracetam has been increasing greatly in popularity, having been endorsed by various brain health celebrities such as Dave Asprey and Tim Ferriss.

Carry out a bit of research on the Internet, and you’d find that Piracetam powder is one of the most regularly searched smart drugs online.

There’s ample scientific evidence to suggest that Piracetam can improve the memory power in the elderly as well as healthy nonelderly adults.

One particular study related to the verbal learning abilities in healthy adults revealed that they could improve their memory power by as much as 8.6% with the use of Piracetam alone.

However, Piracetam powder is often stacked with some good choline source to obtain various synergistic effects, and for reducing the probability of adverse side effects like headaches, etc.

Considering the folklore and studies surrounding Piracetam, it’s the first nootropic used by a large number of users.

Although Piracetam can prove to be a potent cognitive enhancer, you’d be pleased to know; there are actually many stronger nootropics in the racetam family you can use.

Nevertheless, this is the best one to start.

How Piracetam Works?

As is the case with any nootropic compound, you must remember that Piracetam’s workings depend significantly on the personal brain chemistry of the individual.

While this compound might work for a large number of people in a certain way, it could work in a completely different manner for others.

Quite interestingly, Piracetam doesn’t normally show any impact on the GABAergic system; despite the fact that it’s a cyclist derivative of GABA.

The action mechanism of Piracetam is mainly about how it improves the acetylcholine’s activity in the brain.

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter which plays a very critical role in memory function.

Piracetam carries out its task of memory improvement by facilitating an easy and more efficient transfer of acetylcholine.

It also impacts the NMDA glutamate receptors that are crucial for learning processes and memory formation in the brain.

Scientists believe that Piracetam functions via the following mechanisms inside the human brain:


Many compromised neuronal cells witness a fluidity loss that prevents the easy crossing of the signaling molecules through the corpus callosum lipid bilayer membrane.

This lipid bilayer membrane is the brain part that separates the right and the left hemispheres.

Regular intake of Piracetam can not only restore, but increase these neuronal cells’ membrane fluidity.

When that happens, there is an increase in the mitochondrial functioning, and the neurotransmission becomes a far more effective process.


Making the involvement of AMPA receptors possible (which aren’t generally involved in synaptic transmissions), radically increasing the availability of receptors, automatically causes a corresponding increase in the learning ability of the user.


Protein synthesis plays a crucial role when it comes to memory storage in the human brain.

Piracetam, when supplied with various supplements or steroids to the human brain, can increase the learning and memory power of the individual.

It has been scientifically observed that the impact of nootropics on the brain gets blocked whenever there is any blocking of the steroids in the brain.


Any increase in acetylcholine and improvement in the acetylcholine transmission in the brain causes a corresponding significant improvement in the learning and memory storage processes of the brain.

What is Nootropil? Is It Same as Piracetam?

Although it might seem like a slight bit of a detour, it’s important to mention here that Piracetam and Nootropil are one and the same thing.

It’s also one of the main reasons why people often use the terms Piracetam and Nootropil interchangeably in the content related to the subject.

For anyone carrying out research on the Piracetam, it’s very important to be aware of the other terms that the compound is known by.

Please note, several chemical compounds are known by their Russian names (or names in other languages) because they were invented or developed in one of the regions falling in the erstwhile Soviet Union.

Although many people refer to Piracetam as Piracetam only, don’t be surprised if you see it being called Nootropil at certain places. Both are exactly the same substance, without any difference.

Piracetam Benefits:

We live in the times when all the comforts of the modern-day life are available at the click of a mouse button. Want delicious and hot pizza? Open an app click a few buttons, and it’d be delivered right to your doorstep!

Want to travel to another country? Book a cheap flight within minutes, and you’re good to go!

In the same way, a large number of people are opting for nootropics like Piracetam to overcome their brain-related deficiencies swiftly and to make the most of their day-to-day lives.

Let’s throw some light on the major Piracetam benefits that can do wonders for you!

1. Memory Improvement:

One of the biggest reasons why Piracetam is so well-known throughout the world is because of its memory-enhancement ability. This is the primary reason why people buy Piracetam.

Anyone wanting to research some claim, the best way to go about it is to carry out a ‘meta-analysis,’ which is essentially about taking a scientific look at various studies and their corresponding claims.

A certain Piracetam analysis focused on 19 distinct double-blind studies carried out on the compound, and observed a major benefit with regard to memory improvement, through its regular use.

Another similar study clarified that such memory improvement happens over a period of time.

While there was no major change observed within the first 7 days of usage, going over the results of 14 days showed significant memory boost.

2. Improvement in The Overall Mood:

Woman in good mood

Various anecdotal reports suggest that Piracetam usage can be used as an effective method for tackling problems like depression, anxiety, and stress.

However, clinical research in this regard is still not very comprehensive.

Regardless, one specific study reported reductions in the depression levels of sick patients.

Although anyone suffering from clinical depression might not be prescribed Piracetam as the perfect cure, it can work wonderfully well to help people suffering from social anxiety.

3. Neuroprotection for The Aging Brain:

The human brain is quite like an old car, which starts to decline with age.

Just like you might witness stalling and sputtering in an old car, an aging brain might also begin developing all kinds of ailments affecting hand-eye coordination, memory power, among various other things.

Regular consumption of Piracetam can help both nonelderly and elderly to prevent such decline in the brain’s neurons.

An important thing to note here is that this particular Piracetam benefit is more about prevention, implying that you should start using the nootropic before it gets too late.

Although racetams can prove helpful in reversing any neurological decline (as seen in Oxiracetam use), we all know that prevention is any day better than cure.

4. Cognition Improvement:

Cognition and memory are considered two different things in the nootropic circles.

Although we don’t necessarily need to delve into their differences, scientific evidence proves that regular consumption of Piracetam can notably improve cognitive functioning in people suffering from degeneration or certain ailments.

The people covered in these scientific studies were mainly elderly, suffering from all kinds of degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Regardless, there is ample evidence that proves Piracetam can also benefit healthy adults.

Please note, just because a scientific study (related to a drug) was carried out on unhealthy, elderly adults, it doesn’t automatically imply that the drug under consideration won’t help other people in their situations.

All it means is that Piracetam has an extraordinary ability to benefit even the elderly, suffering from degenerative diseases.

5. Improvement in Sensory Perceptions:

Imagine walking out of the door and finding everything more vibrant, brighter and alive than ever before!

Although not extensively researched as yet, there is ample evidence that suggests that Piracetam usage can cause improvement in the sensory perceptions of the brain, through an increase in the acetylcholine activity.

Piracetam Side Effects:

Learning about the possible Piracetam side effects can help you steer clear of any harm during your Piracetam usage.

Fortunately, there aren’t any adverse Piracetam side effects. A few that are reported by the users are pretty rare and typically last for a short period of time.

Some of these mild Piracetam side effects include drowsiness, agitation, insomnia and in some instances headaches.

As far as headaches are concerned, there are only anecdotal reports of them online. Also known as racetam headaches, these are a commonly known side effect of racetams’ usage.

One of the best ways to avoid such headaches is by stacking racetams with a good-quality choline supplement.

Doing so would not only mitigate this effect but also causes a significant memory improvement.

As is done for all consumable drugs, the toxicity in Piracetam has also been studied on rats, in laboratory conditions.

The LD50 percentage (the amount needed to kill 50% of the subjects) in case of Piracetam came to around 8 g - 10 g per kg of body weight (hence, 544 g for a person weighing 150 lbs).

This is a pretty high figure!

If we talk about the human studies, a Piracetam dosage of around 8 g per day didn’t cause any adverse side effects in the users.

Please note, the data points detailed above might not be applicable to the brain chemistry of every individual.

Hence, you should generally refer to the body changes you experience and feel after Piracetam consumption, to determine your ideal Piracetam dosage.

Possible Piracetam Interactions:

Please note, even though the side effects caused by Piracetam are infrequent and minor in nature, it’s nevertheless a substance that can interact with others, and might cause worse or better side effects.

Following are drugs/ elements you should be mindful of consuming, alongside Piracetam usage:


Alcoholic drink in a glass

Interactions of Piracetam with alcohol can be both bad or good depending on one’s relationship with the latter. People suffering from alcohol-related conditions like addiction, overuse, etc.

Piracetam use can increase the synaptic reorganization, reducing neurological and memory loss post such abuse. 

Although there are no concrete scientific studies to verify this impact, as per anecdotal reports, consumption of Piracetam and alcohol simultaneously can be harmful to your overall health.

Furthermore, you should exercise great caution while consuming large quantities of supplements, especially in case of nootropics like Piracetam.


As highlighted earlier, regular use of Piracetam can cause a decline in acetylcholine levels in the brain. This is where inclusion of an effective choline supplement comes into the picture.

A choline supplement can provide for more acetylcholine in the brain, as a replacement of the reduced quantity.

Majority of studies suggest that combining Piracetam and choline is an effective method to boost the memory-enhancing ability of Piracetam.

This has been found to be true both in cases of people suffering from cognitive impairment (elderly people) as well as healthy adults.

Hence, in this scenario, Piracetam’s interaction with choline can be termed as beneficial or good overall.

Anecdotal Interactions:

Mixing Piracetam’s consumption with the use of recreational drugs like LSD and MDMA is also considered detrimental to the users’ overall health, as per anecdotal reports.

Although these reports are relatively mixed, why try something even if it has a minor chance of causing harmful side effects.

Piracetam Dosage:

If we talk about Piracetam dosage from a scientific perspective, the recommendations aren’t entirely cut and dry. The ideal Piracetam dosage is based mostly on the body weight.

40 mg to 100 mg per kilogram of body weight is considered a normal Piracetam dosage.

 However, upon referring the quantities consumed by people in general, it came about that 40 mg to 50 mg per kilogram of body weight is the more commonly noted Piracetam dosage.

On the whole, you’d be on the safer side if you take a Piracetam dosage ranging between 1200 mg and 4800 mg per day.

The ideal starting Piracetam dosage can be had in the following breakup:

3 equal servings of 1600 mg of Piracetam per day, making it a total of 4800 mg.

Common Piracetam Stacks:

As you might be already aware, a nootropics stack is essentially a combination of different nootropics that can potentially improve the various cognitive functions of the user by working together in a synergistic manner.

In most cases, these nootropic stacks are made up of ingredients that activate specific parts of the brain, in an overall more beneficial way, than independently.

You can effectively stack Piracetam with various other nootropics. Let’s take you over a few such Piracetam stacks as follows:

1. Choline and Piracetam Stack:

So far, choline and Piracetam stack is the only one that has been studied in the elderly and the animals.

Regular consumption of Piracetam increases the utilization as well as uptake of acetylcholine inside the hippocampus, thereby depleting acetylcholine’s content and making its supplementation mandatory.

This is the place where the role of choline, an acetylcholine precursor, becomes very crucial as it can rebalance the levels of this important neurotransmitter in the brain.

Avoiding using choline with Piracetam usage can lead to frequent headaches and a fuzzy feeling.

An ideal choline and Piracetam stack would comprise of 4800 mg of Piracetam and 300 mg of choline. You’d do well by consuming this dosage at least once per day.

2. Stacking Piracetam with other Racetams:

Although Piracetam has been extensively studied and researched, it’s a well-known fact that it isn’t the most potent racetam out there.

Aniracetam, on the other hand, is extremely potent as it can quickly make its way to the bloodstream in larger quantities.

Anecdotal reports have revealed that combining Piracetam with Oxiracetam, Aniracetam and other potent variations of racetams, can deliver a major brain-boosting effect.

When combining Piracetam with Aniracetam, the recommended ratio is 4 portions of Piracetam for each portion of Aniracetam.

An ideal Piracetam and Aniracetam stack would consist of 2000 mg of Piracetam, 500 mg of Aniracetam and 400 mg of choline. You could take this dosage either once or twice per day.

Where Can You Buy Piracetam?

Piracetam is easily one of the most searched nootropics on the internet. If we look only at the Google search statistics, more than 20,000 people search for Piracetam online each month.

As a result, there are plenty of Piracetam vendors trying to bank upon this demand.

Unfortunately, majority of these vendors don’t sell the highest-quality Piracetam to the users.

If you wish to buy Piracetam, you must do it legally and source it only from the reputed suppliers.

Having studied all suppliers of Piracetam on the Internet, we can confidently state that Purenootropics is the best place to buy this brain enhancer online.

Purenootropics are highly transparent about their products, offer third-party analysis certificates and have a long history of providing top-quality nootropics to the consumers throughout the world.

Final Word:

On the whole, Piracetam is the most-researched brain enhancing nootropics in the marketplace.

Its effect on the learning capabilities and memory are very noticeable, and it indeed has the potential to improve the cerebral performance of the users.

If you are someone who is desperately seeking a product to make his/her brain work faster and smarter than average, Piracetam effects are what you need.

Piracetam is a great substance to get initiated into the nootropics world.