Noopept Review: How Noopept Smart Drug Can Make You Sharper!

Noopept Review: How Noopept Smart Drug Can Make You Sharper!

Who doesn’t want to be smarter? In the workplace, being smart gets you raises and promotions. We live in fear of losing brain power, as we get old and the threat of Alzheimer’s looms. 

All these concerns lead us to searching for ways to increase our brain power. 


Noopept Review: Benefits and Dosage

Smart drugs promise to be solution but with so many different ones it's hard to chose one for ourself.

Our Noopept review will examine if taking this supplement delivers desirable effects.

What is Noopept?

Noopept is among the leading brands in the brain booster industry. While some supplements are designed to help with muscle growth or fat loss, Noopept is part of the nootropic category. It’s a cognitive enhancer — a smart drug.

What’s crucial at this juncture is that you recognize that this won’t work like in the movies such as Limitless.

Book passages and mathematical equations won’t suddenly dance around in your head like in the movie montages. 

Instead, it’s more like a brain booster that works a bit like coffee - except it’s much more effective in sharpening your mental faculties.

Coffee keeps you awake, but nootropics (and Noopept in particular) are designed to help you think more clearly.

Noopept is a kind of nootropic supplement that’s part of the racetam family.

Racetams first came into prominence way back in the 1960s with the launch of piracetam.

This synthetic drug was the first racetam, and for the next 5 decades, scientists have attempted to fine-tune and tweak this drug to make it more effective and to eliminate the side effects.

One of the more successful innovations now comes in the form of Noopept.

Basically, Noopept is a brain enhancer that first came into prominence in Russia and the surrounding countries.

It’s not surprising that Russian labs were among the first to come up with this.

After all, that country is known for their predilection for math and physics as well as chess.

Besides, Russian scientists have a long history of synthesizing chemical supplements to cause physical improvements.

Don’t forget that the Russians were the first to make use of anabolic steroids for Olympic weightlifting events!

However, they produced Noopept to help with mental impairment and brain trauma. It can also help with asthenia.

Now Noopept has made its way into the US and other countries, and it’s steadily gaining a reputation as a first-class nootropic.

The concerns among users aren't just about getting better grades and doing better in the workplace. It’s also about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

More than 5 million people in the US have this condition, and the deaths from this disease have increased by 89% since 2000.

In contrast, the deaths from heart disease have gone down by 14% during that same period.

Here is a very powerful Noopept formula:

Noopept Review - Is It Safe To Take This Drug?

This is probably among the first things you’d be worried about.

After all, the Russians introduced anabolic steroids and we all know how those things resulted in rather worrisome side effects.

Noopept, however, is considered a generally safe supplement.

It’s a lot safer than other supplements in the market today, and there aren’t any sort of serious long-term side effects to worry about.

As long as you’re not pregnant or nursing, and you’re not taking any prescription medication, it should be alright for you. You can check with your doctor to be sure.

However, it can cause a few issues. This is especially true for the first few times you take Noopept, as it will take a while for your body to adapt and get used to the compound.

A few users report that they felt a bit irritable at first, while others also admitted to feeling slight headaches.

These Noopept side effects are somewhat comparable to what some people may feel when they take too much coffee for the first time.

These side effects don’t really last long, and they tend to disappear once your body has gotten used to the supplement.

Usually, you can avoid Noopept side effects simply by taking care not to take too much.

You can also counteract the side effects by eating a healthy and nutritious diet, by taking multivitamin supplements, and by working out regularly.

Even when you’re not taking nootropics, it’s important that you maintain your health through proper nutrition and physical exercise.

Noopept Dosage - How To Take Noopept Correctly:

To minimize the risk and severity of the potential side effects, it’s important that you follow the directions on how to take Noopept safely.

The key to how to take Noopept is to take it slow and safe because Noopept is different from piracetam in one key area - Noopept is far more potent.

This means it doesn’t take too much of it for the supplement to work effectively.

So to help your body get used to it, you can take just 10 mg twice a day.

That shouldn’t be too much of a shock to your system, and you can weather any side effects if they do occur. Many don’t have any sort of adverse reaction at all.

Then after a while, you can change this to 10mg 3 times a day while your body continues to build the appropriate tolerance.

Soon thereafter you can then boost the dose to 10 mg 4 times a day.

This is the recommended daily Noopept dosage, and you really shouldn’t go over 40mg within a given 24 hours.

You can wait about 4 hours in between taking the dose. The Noopept half-life is about half an hour to one whole hour. That’s very short, considering that Piracetam's half-life is 5 long hours. 

This short half-life doesn’t mean that it’s not as efficient as piracetam.

Instead, this means that it’s designed so that the body can absorb it much more quickly.

The body turns the ingredients into various compounds that have been shown to improve brain function and health.

The doses can be in capsule form, which you can take with water. Or you can take it in powder form, which you can drink after mixing with water. You can also place the powder under your tongue.

You can cycle Noopept so that your body doesn’t get too used to it. If your body adapts too much, then you will have to take more of the supplement to get the same effect.

Instead, you can try taking it for 10 days or 3 weeks, and then you can take a month-long break before you begin a new cycle.

Another popular cycle is to take it for 56 days straight before you take a break for 4 days.

Picking the cycle for you is about checking how your body reacts. Noopept is absorbed by the body very quickly so the effects are almost immediate. You may feel the improvements in just 15 to 20 minutes.

Noopept Benefits:

So why go to all this trouble with Noopept in the first place? The main reason is that Noopept is extremely effective. If you want a brain booster that works, this is it.

The body quickly absorbs it into the bloodstream and from there it goes to the brain where it is most used.

It works on the glutamate receptor areas and keeps the glutamate neurotransmitter from breaking down.

The effect is almost immediate, and you’ll recognize it by just how clearly you seem to think.

It’s like a fog has been lifted. Many who have used it also say that somehow their vision clears up as well, as colors seem sharper and more vibrant.

In a few cases, people even say that their hearing has been improved significantly, which makes this great for composers and musicians.

noopept benefits: it makes you smarter


The main benefit for you is probably how Noopept enhances the learning process and improves the memory.

Somehow, the data processed by your senses are much more organized when they’re moved into your brain as memory.

This means that you can form more powerful memories that are much easier to retrieve.

It makes your study time more productive, as you’re able to process what you read more efficiently.

This can help you if you’re prone to memory lapses or those annoying instances when thoughts and ideas are at the tip of your tongue.

With exams, you’re able to recall facts you’ve read in a book or heard in a lecture.


Noopept also helps improve your motivation, and this way enables you to concentrate and increase your productivity.


This smart pill helps in relieving your anxiety, and this is in stark contrast with how coffee works.

The lowering of your inhibitions can make you more sociable, and you’re better able to express yourself when you speak publicly.

No more annoying ums and errs punctuating your speech as you search for the right words to say!


Each hemisphere of your brain may have their own set of functions, and Noopept can enhance those functions to a significant degree.

It basically means that you’re able to think better, and this type of improvement is why many people who take it report in their Noopept review feeling a notable improvement in their quality of life.


Aside from the usual short-term benefits, it also offers long term advantages as well.

Noopept works as a neuroprotective compound, and it works in much the same way that antioxidants do.

This can help counteract the effects of aging for your cognitive functions and especially for your memory.


Studies even indicate that it may help in reversing the harmful effects that alcohol abuse can cause in the brain.


Since Noopept is so potent, it doesn’t take long for you to feel the effects.

You also don’t need a lot of the supplement, which saves you money in the long run.

The side effects are also much less severe than what you get with other nootropics such as Piracetam.

Noopept Stack - Why Stacking is Beneficial

Another way to take Noopept is to stack it, meaning you take it with other supplements to enhance the effect.

You can take it with choline supplements, which is known to counteract and prevent the headaches that a few people may feel initially with Noopept.

You can also stack this with piracetam (or with both piracetam and choline). The two can work well together because they focus on different neurotransmitters.

With glutamate enhanced by Noopept and the acetylcholine boosted by the piracetam, many of your cognitive functions can improve significantly.

You can take 10mg of Noopept with 2g of piracetam, which also demonstrates just how much piracetam you need for a significant brain boost. Then you can add 300 mg of Alpha GPC for the choline.

One popular stack is also using Noopept with aniracetam and sulbutiamine. It improves cognition, and it also helps you to think more clearly because it reduces anxiety.

Furthermore, it enhances your mood so you’re able to be more creative in your thought processes.

However, the sulbutiamine must be cycled to keep your body from developing a tolerance.

The usual mix is 10mg of Noopept, 1 gram of aniracetam, 300 mg of Sulbutiamine, plus 300 mg of choline.

You can also add Noopept to any nootropic blend. These blends can acts as a solid foundation as they’re usually designed to provide an overall brain boost, and the Noopept can really enhance the effect.

Where Can You Buy Noopept?

Of course, another crucial element of taking Noopept safely is to make sure you get it from a reputable source. At least with the right seller, you know you’re getting the right stuff.

So where can you buy Noopept? Your best bet is to get it from a well-known online source like Absorb Your Health. They offer the authentic product, the price is right, and the delivery is quick and reliable.

The shipping is actually free for all US orders, and you’ll get it in a day. There’s also a money-back guarantee.

Finally, this site can offer all the other supplements which you may want to stack with Noopept. All these features eliminate all the usual risks and annoyances associated with online purchases.

Click below to see our favorite and very potent Noopept supplement:

Now you know how to use this smart drug for your maximum mental benefits.

I really hope this Noopept review can help you decide whether you should give it a try or not. It can really give you that desired result if you stack it well and use it wisely.

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