How To Stay Motivated: Top 10 Tips That Will Help You Stay Determined In Life

How To Stay Determined: Best Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated And Achieve Goals

A lot of things are easier said than done not because you can say things without thinking first, but because doing things require willpower, motivation, and determination.

Unfortunately, these three things don’t come in droves, so most folks just struggle in staying driven in achieving anything.


How to stay motivated

While there are lots of people who persevere in achieving their goals, it’s safe to say that a bigger chunk of the population isn’t willing to do the same.

Not everyone is motivated enough to achieve their objectives. Many are still positive enough to set goals but a lot of people struggle in pursuing them because of their lack of motivation.

In fact, statistics show that only about 8% of the people who made New Year’s resolutions get to stick with their list.

This astounding number shouldn’t come as a surprise as there are just too many distractions and excuses people come up with to avoid pursuing achievements. 

Sometimes, life, in general, is also just too overwhelming to even try to win over it so it’s easier to just settle with what you have instead of trying to strive for something else.

While a lot of people live out their lives unmotivated, it doesn’t mean that you should, too. There are tons of great things waiting for you if you have the drive to pursue them.

This is why if you’re starting to feel a bit down and out of it lately, this might just help you give the push you need to get back on track in achieving your goals.

Why It’s Important To Stay Motivated

Why should you make an effort to get and stay motivated, you might be wondering? There are actually lots of good reasons that should inspire you to get motivated.

Some of which are the following:

1.You’ll Feel Better

When you’re unmotivated, it feels quite lethargic because you don’t really feel like doing anything.

It feels kind of wrong and even sad in many cases, so you won’t really be in a good mood if you don’t have the drive to accomplish things.

2.You’ll Have The Confidence to Face The World

Having a sense of accomplishment translates to feeling proud of yourself. This can give you a good confidence boost.

And with confidence, you’ll be able to carry yourself better and look at yourself in a positive light. This can work wonders for your self-esteem and general well-being.

3.You Can Open Great Opportunities for Yourself

Staying motivated often translates to your learning and achieving things. This can then lead to finding new opportunities to grow.

4.You Can Look Forward to Better Things

If you’re motivated and you’re pushing yourself to achieve your goal, you can then also expect things to improve for you.

Even if you’re struggling right now to reach your goals, you can still look forward to great things ahead of you because you’re doing something to be in a better place.

Tips to Help You Stay Motivated

Want to know how to keep yourself motivated? Here are a few motivation tips that can get you started:

1.Make A Plan

Plan your actions for motivation

If you have a goal in mind, planning is a great way to map out what you need to do and strategize about how you’re going to accomplish your goals.

You can get creative and come up with different techniques if you know what you’re aiming for.

This activity can help you organize your thoughts and lay out the different approaches you can take.

Laying out what you want to achieve and how you intend to get to it can also help you realize your priorities and how simple each step is for you to achieve your goals.

They might not always come in a snap, but you can see that with just some effort, you can make it happen. This can then help you get motivated and get on track in achieving your goals.

2.Stop Worrying

While it’s a lot easier said than done, learning how to switch off your worrying will let you take the first step in achieving your goals. This can also help you stay motivated.

If you worry, you’re just really holding yourself back. It can discourage you from doing what’s needed to be done to achieve your goals.

So if you can stop yourself from worrying too much, you’ll be less afraid of taking on challenges that will help you accomplish something.

How do you stop worrying, though?

One good way is to realize that some things are really out of your control. By having this mindset, you can focus on the things that you can control and minimize the potential points of failure in your plan.

You can also take measures to cushion the negative impact of the things that you can’t control your plan. With these, you can feel more secure and less uncertain about what you intend to do.

3.Be Kind to Yourself

A lot of us have this tendency to be cruel to ourselves. We often pass it off as toughening ourselves because the world is a harsh place.

While it’s important to be strong, being too tough on yourself has a lot of negative impact on your psyche.

It will also take a toll on you, because if you can’t trust yourself to do well, then it will be hard to think that someone else will.

Practicing self-compassion is proven to be an effective way to help you take on challenges bravely and achieve great results. It can help keep negative thoughts at bay, helping you stay motivated.

4.Be Around Positive People as Much as Possible

Being around positive people is crucial for motivation

There are tons of reasons why you should hang around positive people. They’re fun to be with and are often very inspiring, so it shouldn’t be hard to imagine that they can also help you stay motivated.

By seeing how their positivity affects their lives, you can focus on the good things that can happen to you, too. This will help you then look forward to the benefits you can sow from working hard.

5.Learn from Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes but it shouldn’t discourage you to do better. Look at them as learning opportunities that can help you grow and you’re sure to gain a lot from the experience even if you didn’t do the right thing.

What’s also important is that you don’t repeat the same mistakes. This will keep you from failing since you already know what not to do if you want the best results.

6.Keep An Attitude of Expectancy

As some people say, it’s getting what you expect. So if you expect to have an amazing day, you can find yourself having it with ease.

By expecting good things to happen, you’ll be able to focus on the good things that are happening to you.

You can see and appreciate the little joys others tend to miss out on because they’re not looking closely.

This can keep you motivated because you’ll be able to see the improvements you get to enjoy trying to achieve your goal.

These are great proofs that you’re doing something right, so in turn, you’ll be more determined to trudge on.

7. Find An Accountability Partner

Find accountability partner to stay motivated

As there are no instant recipes to achieving various goals, it’s very important to take measures to ensure that you’re still on the right track in carrying out your plan and reaching your goals.

This can be quite hard to do, especially on your own. You can get sidetracked or find various excuses why your progress is slowing down or delayed entirely.

Your motivation can then take a hit from all of these, leaving you without the will to carry on in achieving your goals.

Being accountable is one of the most recommended ways to stay motivated as it can help you keep track of your progress.

If you have someone that you can share what your goals are and how you intend to accomplish them, they can also help you stay on top of the process.

They can listen to your “progress reports” which can then help you realize just how well you’re doing in reaching your goals.

8. Recognize and Celebrate Little Victories

If you really want to know how to stay motivated, a technique that you shouldn’t skip would be recognizing and celebrating little victories.

It doesn’t matter if it’s as mundane as getting a shower, meeting a deadline, or being able to do exactly what needs to be done. If you found yourself successful when you try, it’s enough to be celebrated. 

They’re all accomplishments that can keep you in high spirits and ready to take on more challenges, so you should laud yourself for them.

It’s up to you how you celebrate such accomplishments, though. The most important part is that you see and recognize your progress so you can feel more inspired and continue what you’re doing.

9. Break Down Your Goals into Bite Size Pieces

Break your goals into pieces

If you have a major goal that you want to achieve, breaking it down into smaller pieces can help you out in many ways.

For one, you won’t feel too overwhelmed and think that it’s impossible to accomplish. Such negativity can quickly discourage you from trying, so it should be banished right away.

Breaking down a goal into smaller pieces can also help make the task be more manageable. It will let you take on the challenges with a step at a time.

It can also help you keep track of your progress more easily and stay motivated to carry out the plan all the way through.

10. Prepare Yourself for When Your Drive Falters

This might seem like a negative concept because you’re pretty much expecting your plan to stay determined fail, but it’s the complete opposite.

Having a good plan should include backup schemes for when your initial one didn’t pan out.

In this case, as you’re working on staying motivated, you should also be ready if and when your determination wavers. It can happen and it’s important to be ready for it.

With a backup plan ready, you can easily get back on track and continue pursuing your goals.

You can then get your motivated again since you have another plan ready to be set in place to get the ball rolling. 

Temporarily losing your drive will only become a minor setback in such cases but you’ll be back on your feet and trudge on in no time if you’re ready for such occurrences.

Is There Anything Else to Keep Motivation Level Up?

Did you know that nootropics are also very useful in keeping you motivated?

These smart drugs can boost brain function so this shouldn’t be too surprising.

However, not everyone turns to medications and supplements if they’re not feeling like doing anything so this concept can still be a bit confusing.

It works, though. Using nootropics to help motivate a person is entirely possible.

It does so by increasing the dopamine levels which is a hormone that can trigger the feelings of pleasure.

It can push you in persevering to get a reward which can then bring in a pleasurable feeling.

Use nootropics to keep yourself motivated

This alone can be the very thing that helps you stay motivated, making nootropics a handy solution for your slump.

However, recent studies show that dopamine can also regulate one’s motivation. There’s evidence that dopamine encourages us to act which is practically the concept behind motivation.

So if you can increase your dopamine levels, there’s a good chance that you can also stay motivated.

Nootropics can help you achieve such as they can trigger the production and release of these neurotransmitters with the right dosage.

Not every product can get the job done, though. This makes it very important to find the right product that can offer you the best results.

For this, we can recommend the Mind Lab Pro and Qualia. Both contain components that can help turn on the motivation switch in your brain by increasing your dopamine levels.

They’re also brain boosters so you can get a lot more out of your mind if you opt to supplement your healthy diet with these products.

To learn more about benefits of using  Qualia read my product review here:

In all honesty, getting started can be the hardest part in all of these. Finding that initial jolt of motivation to kick off your efforts in achieving your goals can be very tricky.

But once you get the push you badly need to help you become driven, there shouldn’t be a lot of things that can stop you from reaching your goals.

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