How To Increase Dopamine Levels Using Only Natural Methods

How To Increase Dopamine Levels Using Only Natural Methods

Dopamine (DA) is an important brain neurotransmitter; and especially significant in the process of addiction.

Dopamine has been implicated in its involvement in motor functioning, cognitive functioning, as well as pleasure and reward systems. 

Do you want to know how to increase dopamine naturally? Keep reading this article to get all the answers you need.


how to increase dopamine

Dopamine role in the reward system is integral and ultimately defines addiction.

It does this in that much of the physical adaptations and psychosocial aspects are derived from the alteration in dopamine levels and their effect on dopaminergic neurons.

In general, dopamines are chemical substances produced by the brain which is known to produce feelings of well-being when released.

Apart from being a 'feel-good' neurotransmitter, this chemical is also associated with reward and pleasure feelings, motor control, memory, and excitement.

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There are lots of factors which can affect the production level of dopamine. These include alcohol consumption, drug use, inadequate sleep, caffeine consumption.

It can also be caused by poor nutrition, sugar, intake of antidepressants and stress.

A significant reduction in the production level of dopamines makes a person susceptible to different forms of addiction.

It also increases a person's susceptibility to a wide range of illness including Parkinson's disease, drug addiction, alcoholism, and ADHD.

Using the positron emission tomography scan, also known as PET scan, it was found out that certain areas in the brain of people who strive and work harder for financial and monetary rewards, release high levels of dopamines.

The ventromedial prefrontal cortex and striatum, are areas of the brain which produce higher levels of neurotransmitter dopamines are known to play significant roles in a person's reward and motivation.

Low levels of dopamine are also associated with muscular paralysis, slow movement and restless leg syndrome which can trigger the onset of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, social phobia, and cardiovascular diseases.

Low dopamine levels are also associated with massive weight gain in obese people.

Some people may suffer from apathy, boredom, lack of energy and difficulty in concentrating or focusing.

Dopamine deficiencies are also linked to mood swings, anger, high blood pressure, difficulty in achieving orgasm and hyperactivity.

Benefits of Dopamine:

Dopamine is a motivation molecule. Below are the benefits:

  • Dopamine boosts your drive, concentration, and focus.
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    It helps you to plan ahead and resist impulses making it possible for you to achieve your set targets/goals.
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    Dopamine controls our pleasure reward system.
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    It plays a vital role in ensuring that you have feelings of enjoyment, euphoria, and bliss.
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    It improves your morale, positivity, and approach to life challenges. 
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    It ensures you have the confidence to face all life challenges and maneuver your way to success.

Foods That Increase Dopamine Levels:

Dopamine is a chemical made from amino acid tyrosine. If you want to increase the level of dopamine, you need o eat a diet high in tyrosine. The diet will ensure you have the best and basic building blocks necessary for dopamine production.

foods that increase dopamine

Below is a list of food that boosts dopamine:

  • Apples, Bananas, Beets, avocado
  • All animal products
  • Almonds, fava beans, oatmeal, lima beans
  • Coffee, chocolate
  • Green leafy vegetables, green tea, sea vegetables
  • Pumpkin seeds and sesame
  • Turmeric
  • Wheat germ
  • Watermelon 

Foods that contain a high concentration of probiotics such as kefir, yogurt, and raw sauerkraut also increase the production of dopamine.

Dopamine Deficiency Symptoms:

Hand tremors and difficulty in maintaining balance are one of the most common symptoms of low dopamine level.

Some people suffer from dementia, depression, sleep disturbances, constipation, memory loss, constant blinking and difficulty in breathing, speaking and swallowing.

Below are more symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Lack of motivation
  • Apathy
  • Not able to feel pleasure
  • Procrastination
  • Sexual inability/low libido
  • Mood swing
  • Sleeping problems
  • Hopelessness, memory loss and inability to concentrate.

How to Increase Dopamine Levels by Taking Dopamine Supplements:

Two key ingredients in many dopamine supplements are amino acids and fatty acids.

If you're deficient in either one of these two things, you'll very likely run the risk of chemical imbalances in the brain. Why is that? Let's take them one at a time.

Amino acids have often been labeled the building blocks of life. They are used everywhere in the body, and in nearly all of the chemicals, your body produces, protein, enzymes, and hormones.

If you are an amino acid deficient person, you will definitely see it manifest itself in chemical deficiencies.

Below are dopamine supplements:

1. Curcumin+Turmeric Supplements:

Curcumin is effective in treating depression. It is a well-known antidepressant.

2. Ginkgo Supplements:

L-theanine is the main component in green tea as it increases dopamine levels with serotonin and GABA.

3. L-theanine Supplements:

L-theanine supplements have L-theanine as the main ingredient. It improves learning, positive mood, and recall.

You can increase the level of dopamine by taking theanine supplements or drinking 3 cups of green tea per day.

Proven Ways to Increase Dopamine and Boost Your Productivity:

increase dopamine to increase productivity

Increase dopamine means more productivity. Below are more ways of increasing your dopamine level:

1. Discovering New Things:

The production of dopamine is caused by what you see or find in front of you.

During the ancient times, our ancestors would experience dopamine release when they were discovering new herds.

Always be a person who loves to travel and learn about new things.

The more things you see, the higher the chances of dopamine production. You can discover new things such as new music, videos, great sceneries when you travel and much more.

2. Listing Down Your Minor Tasks/Obligations:

Whenever you finish doing a task, you will note that dopamine has been released. You will feel a sense of happiness and satisfaction. This means there was an increase or release of dopamine.

For you to increase the release of dopamine, you need to break down bigger tasks into smaller tasks.

Of course, you need to list those tasks and come up with a working plan or technique to ensure they’re done. It is always satisfying to complete a task.

3. Listen to Music:

Music is a great tool that helps in the release of dopamine. Music is food for your soul. Have you ever listen to music and felt touched?

Of course, you must have felt a sense of satisfaction and reassurance. It is at that point when production of dopamine increases.

It is important to note that even the anticipation of listening to great music triggers the release of dopamine.

4. Increase Your Tyrosine:

Tyrosine is a perfect building block of dopamine. If you want to increase your dopamine level, you should increase the tyrosine level by eating a diet rich in tyrosine.

Food rich in tyrosine include; yogurt, watermelon, milk, eggs, green tea, coffee, chocolate, beef, chicken, almonds, bananas, avocados.

5. Reduce Your Lipopolysaccharides:

If you have too much of Lipopolysaccharides, your immune system will weaken. This means the production of dopamine is inhibited.

The best ways to reduce Lipopolysaccharides is having good and healthy bacteria in your gut.

This means you should eat a lot of probiotic foods, get enough sleep, and avoid too fatty and sugary food.

6. Establishing a Streak:

Having a streak is a great step if you want to increase the release of dopamine. The streak is a visual reminder of how many times you have set and achieved goals. If you play games, a visual reminder is the record of your wins.

Never include loss in your streak. This will help create morale and positive approach to your daily goals.

7. Make Stuff:

Always keep yourself busy. It is one of the best ways to trigger the release of dopamine levels. Always engage in creative work.

You can do several activities such as photography, drawing, auto-repair, crafting, auto repair and much more.

8. Meditation:

Meditation has been proven to increase the production of dopamine. It comes to a point when you realize that doing something is by doing nothing. Meditation does not involve physical activity but mental activity.

Substances associated with the disease of addiction often do so based on their effects on the dopaminergic system.

Some chemicals act as dopamine agonists whereby they act and bind as dopamine would in the body.

Others are known for their ability to block the reuptake of dopamine and therefore produce higher concentrations than natural.

Certain chemicals can also affect dopamine production and/or release that naturally occur within our systems.

Regardless of the mechanism in which these chemicals use, the end result is a higher amount of activation on the dopaminergic neurons.

Because dopamine plays an integral part in the brain's reward system chemicals that have these effects can become highly addictive and produce other effects associated with increased dopamine levels such as hallucinations, delusions, and psychosis.

While many individuals have their particular "drug of choice," any addictive substance will have similar effects on the dopamine reward pathway.

How Exercises Help in The Release of Dopamine:

how to increase dopamine by exercising

1. Exercise can improve your self-worth and give you a more positive self-image. While exercise not only improves your physical appearance, it also improves your ability to care for yourself. By valuing your physical appearance, you are illustrating that you value your body and mind.

Exercising also forces you to become more disciplined. This allows us to set goals, accomplish them, and feel good about doing so. Exercising can give you visible and tangible results, which is a great start for improving your personal outlook.

2. Exercise can make you feel good. It helps increase the formation of hormones like serotonin, the happy hormone; and endorphins, which make you feel euphoric. Mutually, these hormones can help you progress your psychological well-being.

It is important to note that most anti-depressant medications actually are a type of serotonin regulator. By exercising, you naturally increase production of key hormones that can make you feel just as good as Prozac would.

3. Exercise is also effective for stress reduction. We all have problems, stress, and annoyances that come up on a daily basis. No one person is immune to these things, but it's what we do and how we react when negative things happen to us that will ultimately determine our fate.

If you've ever wanted to run away from your problems, exercising may be your answer. You can literally exercise your stress away. Increased physical activity can aid you in relieving stress and clearing your mind.

4. Exercise also helps to improve your quality of sleep. Often, we have difficulty sleeping because our mind is still active and filled with the stress of that day. Some people have a very hard time relaxing and turning off the mindless chatter in our heads.

By exercising, you can relieve this stress. It also aids in the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that assists in maintaining your sleep schedule.

In addition to the psychological advantages, you can also reap physical benefits as well. Some of the physical benefits you may experience from exercise are: 

  • Loss of excess weight
  • check
    Better muscle tone
  • check
    A healthier immune system
  • check
    Improved circulation, and many other benefits.

With there being so many psychological and physical benefits, why not embark on an exercise plan now?

If you put in a little time and effort each day, you can not only lose that pesky spare tire but beat the blues at the same time.

Bottom Line:

Did you ever wonder why some people tend to work harder for money while others remain as slackers? Well, it can all be explained by brain chemistry.

Work performance varies from one person to another, and they are all affected by how the brain works.

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Scientific studies show that a person's willingness to work is greatly influenced by dopamine chemistry in the three certain areas of his brain.

The bottom line is the reward to the body; this being the release of dopamine and the desire to recreate this effect.

The body basically says, "hey let's take note of this action because I like it"; and so chemicals that act as or influence the release or reuptake of dopamine or actions that cause dopamine release can become addictive.

Actions can become impulsive and create the desire to repeat; this can be part of a process that becomes addictive, hence the same process addictions that applies to things like gambling, sex, shopping, and eating among others.

Now when you know how to increase dopamine naturally you can be in charge of the  right level of this crucial chemical in your body.

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