How To Counteract Caffeine Side Effects: Enjoy Your Coffee Safely

How To Counteract The Negative Effects Caused By Caffeine And Still Enjoy Your Coffee

Coffee is a pretty tempter. Who doesn’t love a boost of caffeine to help enhance their concentration and focus?

Caffeine gives us mental strength. It helps us perform better, and light up our mood. But there is a downside to using caffeine (ha!).


How to counteract side effects of caffeine

The negative side effect can be dangerous for health. This is why it is important to know how to counteract caffeine.

List of side effects caused by caffeine:

  • Jittery, anxious energy
  • Increased blood pressure or heart rate
  • Faster heartbeat
  • exclamation-triangle
    Nausea and stomach issues
  • exclamation-triangle
    Reduced sleep quality

Can you see all the “other sides” of caffeine? You also know about the incredible benefits of caffeine.

Caffeine boosts your focus to complete that "daunting" tasks. It enhances your physical strength during a workout and let your body to stay awake for a longer time.

The question is, Should you give up the “downside” to the “benefits? NO!!!

How will you enjoy the benefit of coffee while escaping the side effects that accompany it?

Below are the best ways to counteract caffeine:

1. How To Counter Low Sleep Quality:

Coffee can affect sleep negatively. It functions like an adenosine receptor. It makes you stay awake at a time you should be tired.

This can be great for a student having some exam to write the next day.

Sometimes taking a cup of coffee on the late hours of the day can disrupt the quantity and quality of sleep.

For caffeine, its half-life is between 5-6 hours. This literally means that half of your consumed caffeine still flows in your system. So, it’s better to take coffee in the afternoon.

Caffeine spends a long time in your system, and it disrupts your sleep. You can only prevent this if you consume L-theanine.

Studies confirmed that amino acid enhances the quality of sleep when taken with caffeine.

2. How To Counter Blood Pressure Caused By Coffee:

Sure, some ingredients can counteract the side effects of caffeine. But, do you know that a simple breathing exercise can be effective?

In the middle of a difficult task, stay calm, close your eyes, and breathe slowly for up to 5 times.

It can help to lower your blood pressure and heart rate, even if it’s on a temporal level.

3. How To Get Rid Of Nausea And Stomach Irritability:

One common problem with people who take coffee is the stomach, nausea/gastrointestinal irritability.

The acidity level of coffee causes this problem.

Coffee, on a PH level, is “very acidic”. This acidity can lead to secretion of irritable acids in the stomach.

These acids can lead to nausea, reflux, and consequent stomach problems.

More especially, if left untreated. Luckily, you can counteract this effect.

What you’d do is to consume acidic and alkaline food at the same time.

Doing this will counteract the majority of the gastrointestinal and stomach problems.

Caffeine causes nausea

There are lots of alkaline vegetables and fruits out there. I love to drink my coffee black though!

Solution: Alkaline spices, roots, etc.

Typically, I love to use the following:

1. Turmeric:

I grew up in an Indian environment. We ate turmeric many times. It has no flavor but filled with many benefits.

Turmeric contains curcumin. It is a bioactive ingredient that reduces inflammation and prevents cancer.

For coffee, it functions as an alkaline spice that helps to counteract the level of acid in the coffee.

2. Maca:

It is a root vegetable famous among the Peruvian. It enhances endurance and also comes with some nootropic effects.

Maca reduces the rate of anxiety rate. It also improves memory. And yes, it is an alkaline root that promises to reduce acidity.

3. Reishi mushroom:

I know fungus is not one of those things you could ever think of when it comes to coffee.

Reishi mushroom can help reduce the acidity level. It improves your immune system and enhances relaxation.

Most times, I wake up to stomach ache after drinking coffee overnight. By including these ingredients, you can boast of caffeine with no side effect.

Another option, go for cold brew coffee. It contains lesser acid than its counterpart-black drip coffee.

However, note that decaffeinated coffee is not useful. In fact, it may worsen the acid/alkaline balance.

4. How To Counter The Jittery, Erratic Feeling:

Jittery feeling is one of the worst caffeine side effects

Do you notice that coffee intensify your level of focus? You try to concentrate on a task at a time.

But you end up concentrating on everything…and the next thing. 

This ungrounded condition is known as jitter, anxiety. I'll recommend you to use this strategy to fix the effects of caffeine on erratic, jittery feeling.


It increases your attention more than caffeine can do.

According to studies, “adding more L-Theanine to caffeine does better than caffeine itself”.

This combination has helped me focus on the tasks at hand. I don’t feel ungrounded or jittery anymore.

Many people have tagged it as “the perfect beginner nootropic.”

Butter Coffee:

I’ve always preferred to eat my calories. It looks like butter coffee can solve the problem of jitters.

NOTE: Eating banana will stop the problem of coffee jitters, right? Wrong! It’s only a myth. It won’t solve anything. (We’ll talk about that as we go on)

How Meditation And Drinking Water Can Help:

Practice meditation to avoid negative effects of caffeine

Too much caffeine in your body system can give you a headache; make you jittery and difficult for you to sleep.

The best possible way to cut caffeine from your system is to wait for about 4-6 hours for the effect to leave your system.

However, you can reduce its effect on your body by meditating and drinking tea... or water.

What Does Water Do?

Sometimes, caffeine acts as a diuretic. This happens more when you consume more than what your body can take.

Also, if you take it from different sources apart from beverages. It could lead to dehydration and headache.

In such situation, drinking water may help to remove a headache and other signs of dehydration.

Note that, drinking a large amount of water will not flush away the caffeine from your system.

Try Meditating:

Staying still and partaking in activities such as yoga and meditation will calm your body.

It’ll make you overcome that jilter feeling that arises from overuse of caffeine

These two activities will help your body relax. As we know that caffeine consumption affects the blood pressure and heartbeat.

Meditation will help decrease both of these side effects.

*Banana Will Not Do The Job:

Even though some individual recommends banana as a great counteractive source of caffeine effective, we haven’t seen a scientific back up to this claim.

Here is the idea: Caffeine dehydrates your body and lowers the potassium in your system.

So, the potassium presents in the banana will substitute the symptoms.

The fact is, one banana cannot have enough potassium to impact your level of potassium.

Other Tips You Should Try:

Eat An Energetic Meal:

We’ve not clarified this scientifically, but it actually works.

Eating a big meal will help solve the problem of caffeine effects on the body (at least for a while)

Taking big meals can neutralize the caffeine effects

Maybe You Should Lessen Your Caffeine Consumption:

Sure, this is easier said than done. But the truth is, if you always experience a jitter after taking the coffee, you may want to try reducing the amount of coffee, you take.

You can even find better replacements such as  green tea.


Speak with your doctor if you notice any consistent negative effect. If not these tips will get you covered.

Our Conclusion:

Sure, Caffeine boosts your focus to complete that tasking task.

It enhances your physical strength during a workout and let your body to stay awake for a longer time. 

Coffee can affect sleep. It functions like an adenosine receptor that makes you stay awake at a time you should normally be exhausted.

Avoid side effects of caffeine

This can be great for a student who wants to spend some extra study time.

Taking a cup of coffee on the late hours of the day will disrupt the quantity and quality of sleep.

However, the adverse side effect can be dangerous to the health.

Too much caffeine in your body system can give you a headache; make you jittery and difficult for you to sleep.

The best possible way to remove caffeine from your system is to wait for several hours for the effect to leave your system.

This is why it’s important to know how to counteract caffeine. 

I’ve talked about how to counteract common side effects of caffeine.

In some cases, you might have other issues. Some people’s body system tolerates caffeine.

It is impossible to avoid tolerance. You can only do that by cycling off caffeine regularly.

Though I’ve discussed the alternatives and recommend the best possible ways to avoid the horrible side of caffeine, not everyone would enjoy this.

It may not just work for some category of people and that’s okay. Study your body and test what works for you. And that’s all!!

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