Top 5 Best Racetams - Choosing The Most Potent Synthetic Smart Drug

How To Choose The Most Potent Synthetic Smart Drug – 5 Best Racetams Explained

Anyone who has done an even slightest bit of research into nootropics would have come across the term racetam nootropic at some point in time.

Quite frankly, no real conversation surrounding nootropics is complete without the mention of racetams!


best racetams guide

In case you’re acquainted with them but still haven’t ventured into learning about them in detail, or if this is the first time you are carrying out any research into nootropics, you are in the right place.

In this article, we’d provide you with all the essential info on racetams, their workings and the kinds which are most popular in the marketplace.

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What Is a Racetam?

Racetams are classified as synthetic nootropics or cognitive enhancement drugs that are grouped owing to their similar chemical structures, and therefore have the same kind of biological effects.

All racetams are characterized by two-pyrrolidone nucleus (a compound type referred to as lactam) consisting of nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Well, there is no need to get into their chemical structures if you’re not interested in the science behind them.

All that matters is that they differ from each other based on their strengths, dosages, potencies, and structure.

In essence, they impact the human brain in similar ways, drawing from their common chemical characteristics.

Racetams are known to help human brain function more efficiently and effectively, causing a significant boost in focus, mood, energy, learning, and memory, apart from improving the overall brain health.

The first ever nootropic is known to humankind, and also a substance that inspired Dr. Corneliu Giurgea, a Romanian psychologist, to come up with the term ‘nootropic,’ conceptualizing and categorizing them as cognitive enhancers, was a chemical called Piracetam.

All the modern-day racetams derived from Piracetam and some of them are even more potent than Piracetam. For instance, Pramiracetam has a potency almost 30 times of that of Piracetam!

Although, it’s important to know what the strengths of racetams and you should also be aware of what they’re incapable of.

Racetams can’t be classified as stimulants, and in no way have any effects on the stimulating neurotransmitters, which often lead to adverse side effects like jitters, insomnia, and anxiety.

It’s important to mention it here because many times these racetams get combined with various smart drugs (for instance Vyvanse, Ritalin, Adderall etc.) owing to their status as a synthetic drug.

The First Racetam:

As also mentioned earlier, the first ever synthesized racetam, which is also the most commonly used nootropic compound throughout the world today, is Piracetam, discovered by Dr. Corneliu Giurgea.

Piracetam is a reasonably new-age drug that holds excellent promise concerning neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

How Do Racetams Work?

Majority of the racetams carry out their work by impacting the degradation and production of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine is known to play a fairly significant role in the human brain and is responsible for tasks like logical thinking, attention, memory formation and various other essential cognitive functions.

While some racetams do their work by improving the functionality of acetylcholine receptors in the brain, others work by adjusting either the production of this neurotransmitter or impeding its breakdown in the body/brain.

how ractams work

All such actions majorly improve and enhance the cholinergic system of the human body. Our brain takes up choline and transforms it into acetylcholine.

Although scientists haven’t yet been able to understand acetylcholine still wholly, they are well aware and know enough to confidently state that human brain uses choline for everything ranging from memory retention, focus, decision-making, learning to various other cognition-related activities.

Racetams also play an essential role in boosting the amount of glucose, oxygen and other nutrients that get transported from bloodstream to the brain, providing it with more fuel to carry out its tasks.

Any such improvement in glucose metabolism automatically helps in improving the mental abilities, focus and concentration. 

Considering their ability to boost the glucose metabolism and acetylcholine levels, racetams function as highly potent tools that deserve inclusion in any powerful nootropic supplement.

The Best Racetams:

A total of 19 different racetams have been invented ever since Piracetam came into being.

Please note, not all 19 of them can be categorized as pure nootropics. Some of them are used for entirely different medical effects.

If we talk about the racetams that have potent nootropic abilities, there are 5 of them that deserve special mention: Pramiracetam, Phenylpiracetam, Aniracetam, Piracetam, and Oxiracetam.

Although each one of these crucial racetams’ operation is similar to each other, they do differ from each other structurally.

As a result, some of them are more powerful than the rest, while others are more useful concerning specific purposes.

Some are particularly useful in boosting creativity, others help in improving focus, and few are incredibly helpful in alleviating anxiety and bringing calmness.

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Let’s go over each one of them below:

1. Piracetam:

2D piracetam structure 1

As mentioned earlier, this was the first nootropic drug formally invented by mankind, and it continues to be a popular choice among a great multitude of nootropic-enthusiasts world-over.

However, it is comparatively milder than many other racetams that came into limelight after its discovery.

Regardless, it is still extensively used as a type of entry-level drug, to help people get initiated into the world of nootropics.

Hence, if you are someone who is thinking of using nootropics and hasn’t ever tried them before, a Piracetam-based supplement might be the best choice for you at this point.

Piracetam carries out its tasks by stimulating acetylcholine receptors in the brain, helping them produce more of this important neurotransmitter.

Scientific research has revealed that regular consumption of Piracetam can significantly boost the cognitive abilities of the brain at several different levels simultaneously, specifically with regard to mental energy, better memory retention, and enhanced sensory perception.

Scientific trials carried out in this regard showed notable improvement in verbal memory after 14 days of Piracetam consumption.

Piracetam also holds the promise of being extremely useful for patients suffering from the age-related decline in mental abilities. However, it has moderate effects on healthy individuals.

As experienced by a large number of Piracetam users, you start noticing its precise benefits only after consuming it regularly for at least one week.

So, don’t expect a significant spike in your mental abilities within few hours of its consumption for the first time (that’s something which can be expected from more potent racetams)


Regular use of Piracetam is known to improve the cognitive abilities of users at several different levels.

You’d most notably witness an increased neuroplasticity, which would have a direct positive impact on your memory retention and learning.

Improved awareness and better sensory perceptions are a couple of its other notable effects.

Piracetam is also regularly used by students for improving their concentration power, as it increases the motivation levels and makes you feel more energetic.

It is best to use Piracetam as a robust yet mild cognitive booster, with some potent nootropic stack


The recommended dosage of Piracetam is at least 800 mg, thrice a day. Regular users can even increase this dosage and bring it up to the level of around 1 g to 3 g, thrice a day.

Some people might require large amounts of Piracetam as it is pretty mild in nature.

2. Aniracetam:

Although Aniracetam is believed to be 5 times stronger than Piracetam, still it takes more time for the body to break it down completely.

2D Aniracetam structure

It’s fat soluble and hence its effects last longer in the body.

Regular use of Aniracetam can help in improving the communication between the left and right hemisphere of the brain, boosting creativity, improving focus and reducing social anxiety.

Aniracetam is also known to be a better ampakine compared to Piracetam, implying that it’s a more efficient stimulator of the AMPA receptors.


As an AMPA receptor agonist, Aniracetam consumption significantly increases the concentration and focus level of the user.

This property of Aniracetam gets it counted amongst the best racetams for students. Its regular use is also associated with improvement in perception of colors and sounds.

Although there’s plenty of online and off-line discussion surrounding the usage of Aniracetam for anxiety purposes, any human trials in this regard are still lacking.

Apparently, it has potent anxiolytic properties.

Aniracetam works as an effective step-up drug if you’ve been already using Piracetam for some time and have reached a point where you find it too mild for your usage.


A typical dosage of Aniracetam is around 750 mg, thrice a day along with food. However, some people might even get recommended dosages ranging from 600 mg to 3000 mg per day.

As it has a short half-life (of up to 2 hours), it works best if consumed more frequently. It should ideally be supplemented with choline to keep any headaches at bay.

Furthermore, as it’s fat soluble in nature (non-soluble in water) it is best had with fatty acids.

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3. Oxiracetam:

Counted amongst the more expensive racetams, this one works very fast compared to Aniracetam and Piracetam. Hence, you can get by with smaller dosages.

The primary distinguishing factor between Oxiracetam and other racetams is that it functions as a potent stimulant, although slightly different from how the real stimulants like caffeine etc. work.

2D Oxiracetam Structure

The stimulation caused by Oxiracetam hinges a great deal on the excitatory neurotransmitters’ release in the brain, potentially helping in memory formation.


The effects of Oxiracetam consumption include improved choline acetylcholine transferase (a new enzyme responsible for the production of acetylcholine) levels.

A large number of nootropic users swear by Oxiracetam for its memory and cognition-boosting abilities, apart from the way it improves the logic-based thinking.

Quite interestingly, consumption of Oxiracetam also apparently enhances the spatial memory of the user, helping him/her better grasp various abstract concepts.

Regular usage of Oxiracetam is also associated with improved ATP levels, which in turn provide for more energy for carrying out tough mental tasks.

The side effects caused by it are also extremely mild. Very few users report of mild side effects like fatigue after having studied or worked for extended periods.


The recommended Oxiracetam dosage is anywhere from 700 mg to 2400 mg per day. However, people starting out with it should begin with lower dosages and build it up with the passage of time.

Oxiracetam is best had one hour prior to any mentally exhausting task, or in intervals of 6 to 8 hours while studying on a continuous basis.

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4. Phenylpiracetam:

By far the most modified racetam out there, Phenylpiracetam’s chemical structure is the closest to Piracetam, with just an extra phenyl group molecule that significantly enhances the molecule’s bioavailability.

2D Phenylpiracetam Structure

As a result, Phenylpiracetam works far quicker compared to other racetams, and its positive effects also last longer than other racetams.

Therefore, you can get by with even smaller dosages of this nootropic.


People who love using Phenylpiracetam boast about its memory enhancement and productivity improvement benefits.

It also provides a substantial boost to the overall energy and focus levels, without causing any jitters or crashes.

Considering all these reasons, Phenylpiracetam is extremely popular among the university students and people who need some extra help in today’s cut-throat business environment.


Anyone new to Phenylpiracetam should start consuming no more than 100 mg of it per day. You’re free to gradually increase its dosage as your body gets used to it.

5. Pramiracetam:

If we talk specifically about potency, Pramiracetam is counted amongst the premium racetams as its 30 times more potent than Piracetam, considered the strongest in the racetam family.

2D Pramiracetam Structure

It causes a significant boost in the energy levels, often increasing alertness by as many as 10 hours post its consumption.

Resultantly, it’s regularly used as a potent productivity supplement, capable of enhancing various cognitive elements, simultaneously boosting memory and focus. 

People who use it regularly report less distraction, better clarity of thought and less amount of chatter inside their brains.

You’d pretty much ignore all the distractions in your environment, without any of those jaw-clenching side effects caused by Adderall.


Studies carried out on animals have found that regular intake of Pramiracetam causes an increase in high-affinity choline uptake, which may be partially responsible for the cognitive enhancing effects of Pramiracetam.

Apart from that, it also increases the flow of blood to the brain. More animal studies suggest that its regular intake can aid long-term memory formation.

This effect has even been proven through human studies. As mentioned earlier, you can expect an increase in alertness levels for around 10 hours after consuming it.


Owing to the high concentration of Pramiracetam, you can do with smaller dosages of this substance. The ideal recommended dosage of Pramiracetam is 400 mg, thrice a day, or 600 mg two times a day.

Most people prefer taking one dosage early in the morning, followed by a second one around early afternoon.

Final Word:

There is no straightforward answer to the question - which is the best racetam nootropic? All are very good in their unique ways.

It all depends on what exactly are you looking to get from your ideal racetam nootropic supplement.

All racetams that we’ve discussed above have potent nootropic effects, but it is their unique aspects that can help you decide about their usage.

The right way to find out the one that works best for you is to buy racetams and try them first-hand.

Every individual has unique biochemistry, and therefore the perceived effects of these racetams might also be reasonably different for everyone, depending on personal preferences.

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