Best Nootropics For Memory: List of Best Memory Enhancers & Stacks

What Are The Best Nootropics For Memory? List of The Top Substances and Stacks

Have you been searching the web for the best nootropics for memory and can’t find a reliable list?

Nootropics are big business nowadays because really, which adult or student won’t benefit from extra brain power?

With these substances, you’ll be more capable of processing information and recall it faster.


Best nootropics to improve memory

But the question is which nootropic should you take? Reviewing the hundreds if not thousands of products is going to take a lot of time.

Well, I’ve made things simpler for you by picking out the top 7.

I have spent a lot of time researching and using nootropics so I can tell which ones are good and which are not. All right, let’s get down to it.

The Top 7 Nootropics for Memory

​1. Alpha GPC


Alpha GPC is one of the best nootropics for memory especially when the recommended amount is taken.

Most brands suggest 300 to 600 mg a day, but there is no evidence that higher doses are bad for your health.

In fact, some suggest you take 1200 mg a day and divide the dose into three parts throughout the day, i.e., 400 mg in the morning, afternoon and evening.

How It Works:

Alpha GPC works by boosting acetylcholine and enhancing long and short-term memory.

Apart from filling your brain with more acetylcholine, Alpha GPC also improves blood flow, so the essential nutrients reach your brain to boost memory.

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2. Bacopa Monnieri


You can take this in powder, leaf or capsule form.

If you’re taking Bacopa Monnieri in powder or leaf form, you’ll need 750 to 1000 mg daily with meals. If it is in capsule form take 300 mg daily.

No matter what capsule you choose, make certain the extract is 50% or more. For leaves, the bacosides need to be 10% to 20%.

How It Works:

Bacopa monnieri has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for a long time and stimulates the cell receptor data transfer and stimulating dendrite growth.

The other chemicals in Bacopa enhance the production of the kinase in the hippocampus. What this means is you’ll notice improvements in long-term memory.

3. Noopept

Memory enhancing supplement


Noopept dosage should be 10 to 30 mg in several doses, i.e. 3 times a day. Since Noopept is fat soluble it is best taken with a meal so you’ll be able to absorb it.

How It Works:

Noopept is one of the better nootropics for memory enhancement since it is an ampakine.

Ampakines regulate brain neurotransmitters, in particular, those that lead to neurodegenerative illnesses.

Regarding features and properties, Noopept is similar to racetam except it is more potent. It metabolizes at a faster rate so you’ll experience and feel the benefits more quickly. 

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4. Oxiracetam


The ideal dosage is 800 to 2400 mg if you want optimum results. It is best to divide the dose evenly, so you take one 800 mg dose three times a day.

If you’re buying it in capsule form however you’ll probably find it at 750 mg. All Oxiracetam capsules are water soluble and can b taken with or without food.

If the 2400 mg seems too high you can start at a lower dose. This gives your body time to get used to the amount while still reaping the benefits. Once you’re used to it you can increase the dose up to 2400 mg.

How It Works:

Oxiracetam earns its spot as one of the best nootropics for memory because it promotes acetylcholine production.

Just like the other nootropics here, Oxiracetam stimulates the NMDA glutamate neurotransmitters and improves memory.

Since this nootropic is also an ampakine it boosts retention of memory as well as long and short-term memory formation.

It is for this reason this nootropic is suitable for students and anyone who studies and needs to do a lot of research.

5. Pramiracetam


This nootropic should be taken every day at a dosage between 400 to 1200 mg. If you want the best possible results, go with the 1200 mg dosage divided into doses of three.

However, you can start with a lower dose and work your way up, so your body has time to get used to it.

Some people like to take Pramiracetam with food while others like it on an empty stomach. You may want to try out both to determine which one produces the best results.

How It Works:

Pramiracetam provides a lot of benefits and enhances several cognitive functions. It speeds up memory recall, useful for the student and for remembering names, addresses, phone numbers and other stuff.

Pramiracetam works by going into your bloodstream. It relies on lipids to be transmitted to your brain and once it is there modulates the acetylcholine neurotransmitter receptor.

When these receptors are bound, there is more acetylcholine that can go in your brain and enhance your memory.

What this means is there’s additional acetylcholine that flows in our brain, allowing neurons to store memories more efficiently.

6. Uridine Monophosphate


The ideal dose for Uridine is at least 500 mg every day, and it’s better if you can up it to 100 mg daily. There is no evidence that taking Uridine at 1000 mg has any side effects, but just to be sure don’t take any more than that daily.

How It Works:

Uridine Monophosphate occurs naturally and some of it is found in food and the human liver.

While it offers plenty of cognitive benefits, the most significant is long-term memory improvement.

This is possible because it boosts the synapse among neurons which is essential for memory retention.

7. Citicoline


500 mg to 2 grams daily is ideal, though some are content with 250 mg a day.

How It Works:

Citicoline works by improving numerous cognitive functions related to concentration, recall and memory storage.

It also synthesizes important components in your brain to stimulate memory retention and increase acetylcholine.

Best Nootropic Stacks For Memory:

Nootropics are effective as standalone products, but if you need more brain power it is better to stack them.

There are a lot of ways to combine nootropics but the following are the best nootropic stacks for memory:

Nootropic stacks for memory improvement

Ultimate Nootropic Stack:

This stack is for those who want enhanced mental processing abilities. This stack is good for recalling old memories and storing new ones.


The dosage is 10 mg 3 times a day with food.

The biggest benefit is it works fast and enhances short and long-term memory.

Your acetylcholine level is enhanced and it boosts concentration level and also reduces anxiety that you may be undergoing.


The dosage should be a 1:30 ratio of Citicoline and Noopept. So if you’re going to take 300 mg of Citicoline then you’ll take 10 mg of Noopept.

The benefit of this combo is it functions in a synergistic manner with various types of nootropics.

When stacked, the two enhance the acetylcholine neurotransmitter. With regular intake, it’s going to enhance your memory, focus, mental energy, and memory. 


For the dosage, take either 400 mg or 600 mg 3 times a day.

The main benefit of Pramiracetam is how quick acting it is and the potency when it comes to long-term potentiation (LTP) improvements. When taken on a regular basis it strengthens long-term memory.

Pramiracetam is also good for short-term memory boosts since it takes effect just a few minutes after being consumed.

Pramiracetam works great on its own but is even more potent when it is stacked with Citicoline. Not only is the potency greater but the stack eliminates the Pramiracetam side effects like headaches.

Photographic Memory Stack:

If you’re still looking for photographic memory power then you’ll like this stack. What this stack does is maximize your ability to recall things both short and long-term.

Unlike other stacks, this one is pretty simple but no less effective. The following nootropics have to be taken every day to be effective:

Nootropic stack for photographic memory

The short-term memory benefits become apparent quickly, but long-term memory improvements will be apparent after several months.

Bacopa Monnieri(300 mg)

Bacopa Monnieri is an herbal extract which is commonly used in Indian medication. It is suited for memory enhancement, and this capability has been proven by scientific research.

When taken on a regular basis as part of the stack, it stimulates nerve growth and improves brain communication.

Galantamine(4 mg)

This nootropic provides several benefits including more memories, acetylcholine boost, better dream recall and other cognitive functions. Galantamine is particularly good with Pramiracetam as it boosts memory.

Pramiracetam and Galantamine function well on their own, but they’re even better when stacked together since it boosts other cognitive functions.

Fish Oil

The dosage varies per product so you just follow what is indicated on the label. Fish oil provides many benefits including DHA and EPA, plus it synthesizes with Uridine and Citicoline, both of which your nerve cells require.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom (2x 500 mg daily)

This mushroom stimulates nerve growth and contains protein that stimulates neurogenesis.

It promotes the growth of new brain cells and stimulates logical thinking and reasoning. This nootropic takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months to generate the full effects.

Uridine (250 mg)

Uridine encourages dopamine receptor growth. It also keeps dopamine levels under control so it does not spike suddenly. Uridine is great for memory, delays brain aging, better focus and preventing addiction.

CDP Choline (300 mg)

CDP Choline is a potent nootropic and stimulates the growth of neurotransmitters. It enhances various aspects of memory by producing acetylcholine.

Pramiracetam (2x 600 mg daily)

This is one of the most versatile nootropics and is one of the most effective in increasing long-term memory.

As good as Pramiracetam as a standalone nootropic, it is just that much more effective when combined with this stack.

​All-In-One Solution

Above mentioned memory stacks are very potent and effective.

However, yo can get similar results by using top blends available on the market.

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The best nottropic blend for memory

Why Nootropics are Beneficial for Memory:

Nootropics are often called the best memory enhancers because they’ve been proven to work time and again.

Our ability to recall slows down as we get older, but that doesn’t mean we have to put up with it.

There are different types of nootropics but they all work the same way: enhance specific memory functions in your brain.

1. Recall:

Nootropics improve your ability to store bits and pieces of memory and retain them in your mind. You’ll notice improvements in your ability to retrieve information that you stored days or weeks ago.

2. Short-term Memory:

This refers to experiences and knowledge which you hold for half a minute or so. Nootropics improve your ability to not only remember but also mental processing and reasoning.

3. Long-term Memory:

Old photos-representing long term memory

Nootropics also improve your ability to re​call and store knowledge from many years ago.

In other words, nootropics improve all aspects of memory. They work for both young and old and the effects are felt immediately.

The full effects may take a few months to be fully felt, but even in the short term, you’re going to notice a significant improvement in your memory recall.

You will notice that most of the nootropics mentioned above enhance acetylcholine, and that’s because it is a vital brain chemical for memory retrieval and formation.

Nootropics are also good for your cell membranes and enhance support.

While most of the focus has been on the memory boosting, nootropics also improve a person’s mood.

As was mentioned earlier, these nootropics focus on specific areas of the brain, but they don’t just enhance memory as they also lift your mood.

This happens because your moods are linked to your brain’s activities. An imbalance in brain chemicals or poor circulation can affect your mood, causing irritation, anxiety, depression and mood swings.

That is where nootropics come into play since it will improve the vital functions of your brain and that includes the areas that handle your emotions. All the nootropics above are among the best in improving moods.


Searching for the best nootropics for memory is not easy given there are so many products out there. A lot of them make promises but few are able to deliver, and that is why I created this list.

You can pick any of the products above and you’ll be satisfied with the result and get that brain boost you’re looking for.

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