About Me

About Me

Hello, my name is David Blanchard.

You might be wondering, who is this guy and why does he have a website about nootropics? 

Is he a doctor, science teacher or maybe even a drug manufacturer?

Actually, I’m no one special, and that’s the point of this website.

I’m not a specialist designer of advanced drugs with years of experience in state-of-the-art laboratories.

I don’t even have a medical degree. I’m just a regular 30-year-old guy who lives in the UK.

More than 5 years ago, I went through this utterly blah stage.

Sometimes I forgot things I shouldn’t, my mental energy wasn’t all that high, and I was feeling a lot stressed. It wasn’t a great experience to go through.

I did see the film Limitless, and it was a hoot. It got me thinking about how great it would be if there really was a pill I could take to me a lot smarter.

I thought it was just a fantasy, but then I realized that plenty of people take coffee for precisely that reason.

I did my research on the topic, and plenty of my friends mentioned the whole idea of nootropics.

The notion that medical laboratories have actually been producing medicines and supplements to make people smarter is actually not fantasy at all.

So I dove right in, and I’ve been using nootropic supplements for the last 5 years. Some of them worked, many other didn’t, and these results led to this website.

This site got started in 2017 simply because I wanted to tell people about these nootropics and my experiences with them.

So that’s who I am—just a guy who wishes to be smarter and who tries out the nootropic supplements to find out if they work. So if you’re reading this, I’m probably a lot like you.

What're Nootropics?

“Nootropic” is the collective name given to what others call cognitive enhancers or smart drugs.

These are drugs and supplements meant to boost your cognitive functions, just as some other supplements help keep you physically healthy or provide you with energy for your workouts.

These supplements can be natural extracts or they can be synthetic compounds invented and produced in a lab.

Being “smarter” does cover a lot of ground, so these supplements can work in different ways:

1. They can help your memory

For many students, this is a crucial advantage because many school exams test this specific function of the brain.

It can really help if a student can retain the math formulas or historical dates they need to pass their exams.

People also find it useful in their everyday lives, as they won’t have to keep looking for their missing wallets and car keys.

In social and workplace functions, these supplements can help people remember names.

2. These supplements can also help you focus

Distractions pose a constant threat to your productivity and it can be very difficult to study or work when you can’t concentrate on what you’re doing.

3. They can also help you understand more clearly

Lots of people find it frustrating when they read the same page or website over and over again because they can’t “get” what the author is saying. But some supplements can help with this.

4. You may also find yourself more motivated

You’re able to remember why you wish to study hard or to work more productively.

You’re less apt to give up when you face hurdles along the way, and you find yourself up to the task of facing the various challenges you encounter.

5. Smart drug may even help you to think more creatively

Sometimes being smarter isn’t just about regurgitating the information you absorbed.

It’s about being able to think of interesting ways to present data and to come up with new solutions for problems.

The Website

Nootronerd presents all the info I’ve gathered through the last 5 years or so that I’ve delved into nootropics. 

I’ve tried many of these supplements, and this website is the platform that I use to tell you of my experiences.

That’s what I offer—honest reviews of what benefits I received from various nootropics.

I will also report on the side effects I’ve experienced, as many of these supplements do have them.

That shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, even coffee can give some people the jitters and palpitations.

Nootronerd.com also offers my own tips gleaned from my own experiences. These tips may help you improve your memory and to concentrate more fully. 

I also have diet plans that can actually help with your mental health. Don’t forget that your brain is part of your body, and it needs vitamins and minerals too.

You may find that a diet with plenty of vitamins like vitamins B1, B9, and C can help, along with minerals like zinc, magnesium, and calcium.


In this website, you will find my own personal findings and opinions. These are my personal thoughts and experiences regarding the various nootropic supplements I’ve tried.

Here you’ll also find out what I think about the various brain exercises I’ve tried out and the diet plans I’ve been on.

The point here is that if something works for me, then it may work for you. If I experienced side effects, I can tell you how bad it got.

I also did my own research on the ingredients of the various ingredients of each supplement.

I also read other reviews on these nootropics so that I (and therefore you) get a more thorough understanding of their real benefits and side effects. 

Reading a product’s advertising copy isn’t enough. You need real information, and that’s what this website is for.

It’s here to provide you with a quick and easy way to get that information without having to spend months and years visiting hundreds of different websites.

If you want to get in touch with me, go directly to my Contact page.

Just keep in mind that I’m no doctor. This is not about giving you medical advice. You should decide on your own about what you should do regarding the supplements, diet plans, and brain exercises. But I do hope that my own experiences can help you.